There's no better time than now to communicate your everlasting market potential.

Start by solving these differentiation problems:

1. Overall lack of innovation and creativity
2. Flanking attacks by startups and other competitors
3. Lack of evolution in the corporate culture

Symptoms of low energy enterprises include a lack of innovation and creativity.

Most marketing firms, and most business professionals, accidentally associate creativity with art. It’s understandable, however, it’s a science that goes under utilized across enterprise sized companies. This is surprising due to their smaller competition haphazzardly benefiting from accidental creative gains. Innovation is the practice of maximizing customer satisfaction by means of improving product performance, customer service, and other marketing assets. Take a note from Steve Jobs and satisfy these two differentiation requirements.

Stop waiting for a lucky eureka moment

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What are the 3 stages of differentiation for an Enterprise?

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New to differentiation? The number of celebrities that are differentiating themselves in your marketplace is few and far between. Start your brand’s journey with one of the select few differentiation firms in the world. The world is your oyster.
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Marketing has become an enigma to celebrities. It’s not exciting anymore. Copycats continue to follow. The results aren’t transparent. Let’s rattle the cage with differentiation and bring you out in the open where you belong.
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Alpha White Buffalo

What’s the goal of popularity? You’re right, fanbase maximization and a long term following. But how do you plan to consistently increase followers without differentiation? Apple called it the Halo Effect. You’ll call it the White Buffalo Effect.

Surprise! You just lost another customer to a startup or smaller competitor.

You have dozens of unique market segments with varying levels of customer retention. Last quarter a few of those segments decreased by 5%. This quarter they’re projected to decrease an additional 15%! If you’re wondering what the common cause for this rapid customer loss is, it’s a flanking attack from one or more of your competitors. The culprits are generally startups with a uniquely innovative offering, or a competitor outside of your target range. Don’t make the mistake by going on the defensive. We’ll show you how to repel attacks by going on the offensive!

Stop losing stray sheep to wolves

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Corporate culture is one of the most overlooked differentiators.

Growing company size is the final result of a sound differentiation strategy. In addition to retaining the top talent in your industry, and in their field overall, you most definitely want to attract the best talent away from your competitors—especially the coveted ‘Specialist’. You achieve this by building a positive, inclusive, and cooperative corporate culture. Encouraging involvement from the top to the bottom, flattening org charts, and tracking and rewarding wins is just the beginning.

Stop reading blog posts for culture ideas

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Differentiation FAQs

Differentiation should be the first step on any celebrity’s marketing roadmap. What makes you different? Most celebrity marketing firm’s step over this critical question and hyper concentrate on tactics, but if your unique difference or set of distinctions is not clear and present in your communication, your efforts will fall on its face. Differentiation is also about knowing what is unique about your product, brand, and everything else in the mind of your customer so you’ll be more effective at positioning yourself in comparison to your competition.

Enterpise companies are those with well over five hundred employees and fifty million dollars in revenue—they’re organizations that have and continue to demonstrate the potential to scale by growth, acquisition, and mergers. While Enterprise companies fail at differentiation at the same rates as Startups, SMBs, and SMEs, they do achieve efficiencies in greater numbers, illustrating their openness to differentiation strategies.

Well, if you ask John Rambo, it has a lot to do with whether or not you are welcomed or shunned by the public upon your return from service overseas. WAIT—Why are you sharing this information on a differentiation page? Schedule a call with our SEO Expert to find out!