There's no better time than now to strengthen your celebrity image.

Start by solving these differentiation problems:

1. Pressure to be everything to everyone
2. Managing your social following's engagement
3. Low hit rates on supposed viral content

You'll never be everything to everyone, so just be consistently yourself.

Today’s world is hyper sensatized. It is what it is, so let’s make a sound adjustment to help you stand out from the herd of celebrities, influencers, and wannabes. Everyone has critics, so the best path forward is to be unapologetically genuine so as to attract the largest and best fitting loyal audience imaginable. Before we start publishing shareable content, we’ll meet virtually with your raving (non-lunatic) fanbase to see what works.

Stop hesitating to create shareable content

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What are the 3 stages of differentiation for a Celebrity?

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White Buffalo Calf

New to differentiation? The number of celebrities that are differentiating themselves in your marketplace is few and far between. Start your brand’s journey with one of the select few differentiation firms in the world. The world is your oyster.
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White Buffalo

Marketing has become an enigma to celebrities. It’s not exciting anymore. Copycats continue to follow. The results aren’t transparent. Let’s rattle the cage with differentiation and bring you out in the open where you belong.
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Alpha White Buffalo

What’s the goal of popularity? You’re right, fanbase maximization and a long term following. But how do you plan to consistently increase followers without differentiation? Apple called it the Halo Effect. You’ll call it the White Buffalo Effect.

How you manage negative comments is key to growing your following.

You have thousands, if not millions, of raving fans. They like and comment on your posts, and they’ll even attempt to message you directly. They love you, and that’s what matters. While you can’t nor shouldn’t respond to every single positive comment or message, there is a strategic approach to rewarding your raving fans. One key benefit of valuing your fanbase is the activation of a social defense mechanism. There are critics, cynics, and trolls, and they thrive off attempting to bring others down. A valued fanbase will do the necessary work for you without tarnishing your brand.

Stop worrying about social media trolls

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Don't rely on improv to go viral. Increase hit rates with consistent storyboards.

Some viral content are one and done shots, while others are replicated with the slightest variations to achieve 500K viewers each post. Storyboards that are built around the needs, wants, and engagement history of your target audience are required, as is a deviation from competing personalities. We’re going to develop the most shareable content to create new waves of followers, an engaged audience, and maximum discoverability.

Stop guessing what will go viral and what will not

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Differentiation FAQs

Differentiation should be the first step on any celebrity’s marketing roadmap. What makes you different? Most celebrity marketing firm’s step over this critical question and hyper concentrate on tactics, but if your unique difference or set of distinctions is not clear and present in your communication, your efforts will fall on its face. Differentiation is also about knowing what is unique about your product, brand, and everything else in the mind of your customer so you’ll be more effective at positioning yourself in comparison to your competition.

While celebrity marketing can refer to a company leveraging a celebrity in their communication strategy, we’re referring to marketing a celebrity to increase his or her reputation amonst fans and non-fans alike. Celebrities have started working with firms like us because there is substantial money and opportunity to be had outside of their core discipline, whether that be acting, modeling, sports, or something else.

Well, if you ask John Rambo, it has a lot to do with whether or not you are welcomed or shunned by the public upon your return from service overseas. WAIT—Why are you sharing this information on a differentiation page? Schedule a call with our SEO Expert to find out!