There's no better time than now to achieve customer-getting distinction.

Start by solving these differentiation problems:

1. You have large, high-equity competitors
2. Pressure to do too much marketing too soon
3. There's a limited budget and limited resources

There are too few competitors standing out. Now's your best chance.

There’s already too much noise in your space. Customers have heard it all, and they’re learning to filter out the bad from the worst. But you’re different. You truly believe it, and so do we. Your customers may not know it, but they have wants and needs that are presently unfulfilled by your competition. The trick is two fold. You have to discover what those wants and needs are, and you have to communicate how you satisfy them in the simplest form possible.

Stop trying to fit in with your competitors

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What are the 3 stages of differentiation for a Startup?

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New to differentiation? The number of companies that are differentiating themselves in your marketplace is few and far between. Start your brand’s journey with one of the select few differentiation firms in the world. The world is your oyster.
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Marketing has become an enigma in your marketplace. It’s not exciting anymore. Copycats continue to follow. The results aren’t transparent. Let’s rattle the cage with differentiation and bring you out in the open where you belong.
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What’s the goal of business? You’re right, profit maximization and long term survival. But how do you plan to consistently increase market demand without differentiation? Apple called it the Halo Effect. You’ll call it the White Buffalo Effect.

Avoid "just because". Stay focused on your customer-getting distinction.

We’ve heard it for years. Once a startup enters the fray, they’re immediately put under pressure from investors, their network, and colleagues to be everything to every one, and to do everything too fast. This is a crippling approach, and one that leads some of the best ideas we’ve seen lead to nowhere. We’ll help you translate your unique idea into a verbal and visual identity, and we’ll find where the unsatisfied market is offline and online.

Stop marketing on the same battlefields as competitors
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Overcome a lack of resources and budget with hyper marketing efficiencies.

You look at your competition. Some companies have marketing and sales staffs of 25 – 100 people, not to mention their million dollar advertising budget. Again, you can make quick gains by staying laser focused on who you are, and leveraging the power of the specialist. This is the time you can ill afford to employ swiss army knife marketing personnel or firms. You need to work with specialists, especially those in the areas where your competition is the most weak and your customers are waving their arms.

Stop attacking the strengths of your competitors

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Differentiation FAQs

Differentiation should be the first step on any company’s marketing roadmap. What makes you different? Most firms step over this critical question and hyper concentrate on tactics, but if your unique difference or set of distinctions is not clear and present in your communication, your efforts will fall on its face. Differentiation is also about knowing what is unique about your product, brand, and everything else in the mind of your customer so you’ll be more effective at positioning yourself in comparison to your competition.
Startups are ideas that evovle into workable, profitable, and scalable businesses. Thanks to the reduction of economic barriers, the dynamic increase of technology, and the greater access to education, more people are kickstarting a venture as an entrepreneur. For similar reasons, startups are able to make quicker advances against their older competition, which was near impossible 25 years ago.

Well, if you ask John Rambo, it has a lot to do with whether or not you are welcomed or shunned by the public upon your return from service overseas. WAIT—Why are you sharing this information on a differentiation page? Schedule a call with our SEO Expert to find out!