Quality leads is the top challenge, not volume. Start by asking better questions.

Start by solving these lead generation problems:

1. Sales and marketing are in disagreement over MQLs
2. Your buyer personas are fixed in number and stale
3. Data collection is too focused on demographics

The problem isn't unqualified leads. It's that sales and marketing aren't collaborating.

We’ve heard it for years. Sales thinks that marketing qualified leads are average at best. They fail to call or email the leads, and the leads eventually get cold and phased out. Lost leads is a serious problem for today’s disintegrated sales and marketing teams. Unfortunately for them, the CEO is aware of this issue. Your sales and marketing team is a mere seven days away from an optimized lead generation process that accelerates prospects to an MQL status and that sales turns into more closed deals.

Stop losing leads to a disintegrated sales and marketing team

Marketing Warfare

What are the 3 stages of a Lead Generation funnel?

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Lead Capture

While acquiring leads isn’t a challenge on the surface, the wasted time and effort in attracting unqualified leads is a problem, as is the “one form equals one lead” quandary. This is where value-based content marketing plays a key role in not only attracting the right leads from your list, but attracting leads that are not on your list.

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Lead Qualification

Over 90% of companies do it. When they gate value-based content, they only require the lead’s name, company, and contact information. Most demographic information is already owned by sales and marketing. Start using progressive profiling, open ended questions, and other fields that will create new and optimized personas.

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Lead Nurturing

Capturing and qualifying a lead is only half the battle. The other half is nurturing the lead until they’re ready to speak with a salesperson and potentially buy. Again, over 90% of companies will seize lead qualification at this stage. Don’t make the same mistake, and instead integrate progressive profiling in your omnichannel strategy.

Buyer personas are not etched in stone. They're like an animal in the Galápagos—they evolve daily.

We’ve seen it before. We ask for a client’s buyer personas, and we’re given a document from 2015. It didn’t surprise us to discover that leads and sales had been progressively declining since 2016. The pain points for “James” the CFO and the career goals of “Katie” the VP of Sales change yearly, if not quarterly. It’s more enlightening and entertaining to track the evolution or extinction of existing personas, and the creation of new personas, than it is to beat a dead horse.

Stop singing the same old song to buyers

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Asking better questions not only attracts better answers, but higher response rates.

What if we told you that you could reduce your weekly workload to 20 hours while doubling your productivity? Before we can tell you more, what would you do with an extra 20 hours per week? These two questions is one example of how you can acquire better customer insight with more thoughtful lead form questions. In addition to receiving high-quality answers from your customers, you’ll also influence them to reach out to sales, thereby shortening sales cycles with less effort.

Stop your buyers from converting with autofill 

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Lead Generation FAQs

Lead generation is the portfolio of strategies and tactics to attract and convert new prospects to a lead. Companies generally use a mix of inbound marketing such as blogging, webinars, and SEO, and outbound marketing such as email marketing, online advertising, and direct mail, to accelerate their lead generation efforts. High performing lead generation programs always starts with a sound understanding of the buyer and a tight integration between sales and marketing.

Two of the biggest reasons companies fail to generate more leads is outdated buyer personas and a fear of marketing. Buyer personas should be continously updated to create forward thinking content and relevant communications. Without updated buyer personas the effectiveness of content marketing plummets, and outdated or new buyer personas go undetected. Furthermore, both marketing and sales can suffer from a fear of marketing. The biggest culprit is the fear of sending too many emails, however, they’re surprised to hear from us that response rates increase with the quantity of emails sent.

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