If you're not staying ahead of Google's algorithm updates, you're falling down the rankings.

Start by solving these SEO problems:

1. You're not demonstrating authority to Google
2. Site hierarchy is more flat than it is deep
3. Your blog posts are not ranking in the first 3 months

You need more than just words to demonstrate authority to Google.

If we read all of the copy on your website, or if we asked your loyal customer base, we would understand what you’re an authority in nine times out of ten. But what if we asked Google? If Google doesn’t agree with us or your customers, or if Google doesn’t think you’re an authority in anything, then there is much SEO work to be done. But don’t worry, the strategy and tactics for building your topical authority are exciting, and the results are exponential!

Stop expecting 2010 strategies to still  work

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The 3 SEO checkboxes for ranking your blog posts on Google.

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Don’t make the mistake of choosing a random employee to be the author of a blog post. Every post’s author needs to have demonstrated expertise in the blog post topic’s subject matter, and this must happen on an about us or personal employee page, and across social media, especially LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

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If you’re working to generate rankings for three key topics, do existing authorities in that field consistently link to your articles and website? Do authorities publish guest blog posts on your website? And have these authorities been linking to your content exponentially? These are the questions you need to answer to improve your website and content authority.

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If your website designer didn’t prioritize Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, and if they failed to update your Privacy Policy in the last year, you could have your trustworthiness score reduced. Furthermore, if your business is listed on review websites, and there are a good number of negative, unaddressed reviews, Google can reduce your score even further.

The simplest way to satisfy Google is by building a deep site architecture.

Imagine for a moment that you’re on the website of a popular clothing retailer. You’re looking for a long-sleeved shirt to wear outdoors. You expect to find a menu button that says either “Men” or “Women”, and then you expect to see “Shirts” shortly afterwards, and you’re off to browsing the selection. Google wants B2B websites to follow a similar User Experience and User Interface, because it helps them understand why you have a website and where you’re an authority.

Stop building flat, no-context websites

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Google and SEO optimized website hierarchy

The next simplest way to satisfy Google is by building deep topic clusters.

Have you ever seen someone take a pile of paper and throw it in the air? That’s how Google interprets most websites blog efforts. The key is to not be everything to everyone. You should first assess your budget and personnel resources for writing blog posts, and then determine how many core topics you can consistently write about and demonstrate authority. The deeper you go in each topic, the more frequently you’ll rank higher in Google search results.

Stop randomizing your blog topic selection

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Search Engine Optimization FAQs

Search engine optimization is the collection of strategies and tactics to improve your website and content rankings on Google, YouTube, and other search engines. These strategies and tactics are known for evolving progressively and rapidly in lockstep with Google’s frequent algorithm updates. Always remember, you’re working toward satisfying their users before satisfying your own.

Ten years ago, you could hire a blog post writer to create high-ranking content.  It’s not that easy anymore, as there is an evergrowing pool of SEO blog writers overtaking outdated blog writers.  SEO blog writers are experts at discovering what topics your website should be writing about, and how each blog post should be structured from top to bottom. Internal linking, headline structure, and taxonomy are three areas for which they should be experts.

He played the character Min in the best-picture oscar-winning film from 2019, ‘Parasite’. WAIT—Why are you sharing this information on a page about SEO?  Schedule a call with our SEO Expert to find out, because it’s bewildering to us too that 50 people search this exact question every month.