Beware of website designers who use templates. Google wants a unique UX/UI.

Start by solving these website design problems:

1. Your website is designed with a popular template
2. Site speed is very slow and hurting your Google rankings
3. Customers are not spending enough time on your website

Website design firms that use templates keep you in the dark.

When we showed a client that their existing website design was used by dozens of other companies, to say they were upset and angry is an understatement. Other website design firms use templates as a cost-effective, profit-optimizing strategy—for them, not their clients. We work with you and your customer base to design a website that is super unique, one that brings visitors back on a daily or weekly basis.

Stop losing traffic with templated website designs

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The 3 Website Design checkboxes for improving Google Analytics.

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Intuitive User Interface (UI)

One of the biggest reasons visitors up-and-leave seconds after landing on your website is a poorly designed user interface. Your homepage’s H1 headline, and the terminology used in your navigation bar, should be simple, clear, curious, and it shouldn’t have many other visual elements competing for your visitor’s attention. 

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Satisfying User Experience (UX)

While answering the vistior’s search query is priority one, you should also make sure the UX is fluid, engaging, and fun. The last thing a user wants is to be forced to read several paragraphs of copy before taking their next action. Share a video, use animation or chat, offer the visitor something just for being there. Once they arrive, do your best to keep them there for 3 to 5 minutes.

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Value-driven Engagement

We’re not talking about mere coupons, buy now buttons, or contact us forms. Helping a visitor rapidly navigate your website by initially discovering their biggest pain point is one form of value-driven engagement we use. Plus, once a user receives value from their first engagement, you better believe they’ll return for seconds.

When it comes to website speed, the hare always beats the tortoise.

Slow and steady may win a foot race, but never does it benefit a website race to page one rankings. With mobile being the first-choice browsing device for today’s customers, a quarter of a second can be the difference between winning a new customer and helping your competition. They don’t call it the spinning wheel of death for nothing!  After Google’s latest core algorithm update, pagespeed has never been more important.

Stop ignoring the red Google PageSpeed scores

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Without personalization and value-based content, why should visitors stick around?

Sometimes visitors are just not ready to buy, and that’s okay. Furthermore, customers want to feel like they’re part of a community or something greater. Personalizing the website is much more than using cookies to push a first name at each visit. It starts with involving your customers in the design or redesign of your website so it feels personalized each time.  Plus, your customers are always loooking for more wins in their respective office, so give them the free content that will help them make their number!

Stop losing your customers to online competitors

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Website Design FAQs

Website design refers to the development of an interactive, visual, online interface for interested users to perform one or more regular tasks, such as purchasing, reading, or other content consuming activities. While websites were orignally made for computer access, website designs have evolved to be responsive for smartphones and tablets, and to repurpose as an app to be accessed via smartwatches or other devices. 

Yes, unfortunatley many website design shops will select your website design from a library of a thousand plus website templates. They will change the colors to accomodate your brand, and perhaps customize an element or two, but the use of templates is very cost-effective and profit-optimal for these kinds of firms. Unfortunately for the clients, websites designed using templates suffer from a poor user experience and slow PageSpeed times.

If you think you’ll design a website for free, we’re concerned that you don’t value your time in dollars. WAIT—Why are you sharing this information on a page about website design?  Schedule a call with our SEO Expert to find out, because it’s bewildering to us too that 320 people search this exact question every month.