Visual clarity and brand identity are not optional in graphic design assets.

Start by solving these graphic design problems:

1. Your designs seem familiar, templated
2. There's too much art and not enough science
3. Digital and print designs are not cooperative

Pretty good design isn't good enough, and it doesn't win any awards.

In the past 2 years, a trend has emerged across social media. Thousands of images posted to accounts that share one thing in common—a bunch of dots in the shape of a triangle or square. The mental processing of such trends at the customer’s subconsious level is not favorable to these copycats. We get it—other design firms use these because clients demand trendy designs and it’s super cost-effective for the firm. Our goal is to make you stand out, have people following you, and deliver ROI to you.

Stop using templates and non-branded designs

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What are the 3 secrets to dynamic Graphic Design?

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Brand Identity

Other firms rely heavily on your logo and name to improve recognition and interest. Great designers can create designs without your logo and name and still identify with your brand in the mind of the customer. We strategically use an expanded brand guide with relatable elements to build on your brand equity.

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Clear Visual Message

There are good billboards and there are “What did that say?” billboards. If you’re driving 65 mph on the highway and you can’t read every word on a billboard, that design has failed. If the opposite is true, that design has succeeded. Other firms bend to clients who demand overcommunication. We don’t because we have their best interest at heart.

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Another problem with copycat desigers and designs is that they are unoriginal, and the client will never achieve the same customer-getting distinction from a templated design. Clean off the whiteboard! We’re about to create designs that avoid the trash can and scrolling thumb.

Your selecting the wrong colors and the wrong text to image ratio.

Have you ever wondered how designers choose the fonts, colors, and placement of everything for each design? This is another part of the grand art vs. science marketing debate. Any design can look “cool”, but not every design is structured according to the consumption behavior of its audience. The amount of time your design has to captivate the customer is getting smaller and smaller, so choose the scientific approach.

Stop relying too much on the art of design

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Your brand identity lacks consistency across all platforms.

We’ve heard this before. “Wow, that’s different.” Notice two things. There’s no exclaimation point, and they’re not referring to differentiation. They’re referring to the fact that a designer, who just shipped out hundreds of brochures to customers, has presented a digital design that lacks the same brand identity as the printed materials. This causes great confusion for for your customers conscious and subconsious.

Stop changing your brand’s impression across channels

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Graphic Design FAQs

Graphic design is a strategic discipline where visual communications are created and presented visual to one or many targeted audiences, with the intention to generate a response of some form. While considered an art by some, graphic design is actually the science of color selection and balance, font selection and type to image ratio, among other things.

Yes and no. For some companies, creating graphic design that appears to be art can be justified by their target market’s interest or the theme of the content piece. While graphic design relies more heavily on its science foundation, graphic designers of yesteryear such as Bradbury Thompson are considered to be an artist as well as a graphic designer. 

If by patron one means a marketing firm client, yes, at each time. If by patron one means a client’s customer, no. WAIT—Why are you sharing this information on a graphic design page? Schedule a call with our SEO Expert to find out, because it’s bewildering to us too that 110 people search this exact question every month.