If a marketing strategy isn't growing revenue, market share, or company size—toss it out.

Start by solving these marketing strategy problems:

1. You have too few marketing strategies
2. Your strategies are driven by trends, not science
3. You're focused on sustaining your position, not advancing it

Too few marketing strategies tell too few stories with too few happy endings.

While you should have one core marketing strategy that fuels more granular ones, too many firms try working off of one broad strategy. After experiencing a very minimal uptick in revenue, firms spend excessive amounts of time overhauling the one broad strategy, instead of creating more focused sister strategies that may prove the core strategy’s worth. Simplify your approach to marketing strategies by creating more, not less.

Stop creating too many tactics for too few strategies

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What are the 3 pillars of a sound Marketing Strategy?

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Customer Segments

If you’re not creating and delivering value to several segments, you’re not successfully marketing. Too many brands want to be everything to everyone. You need to go beyond the ordinary, and understand what drives each segment so you can stand out amongst all of the unique choices set before them.

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You’ll easily and quickly differentiate your product once you have all of your customer segments mapped out infront of you. It’s a more programmatic, predictable approach to marketing. You know what they want, you know what other options they’re considering, and most of all, you’re going to demonstrate that you’re focusing on them specifically, not them and everyone else.

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Marketing Warfare

Attack! There are too few marketing firms that speak of marketing warfare becuase they believe it’s insensitive or unrealistic. We’re all about keepin your markeing on the offensive, because business and history has shown that once a power rests on its laurels, it’s surprised from the most unexpected, yet more prepared party.

Stop the "just because", "it's cool", and "it's working for them" approach to strategy.

Nothing makes us cringe more then when a client demands executing a marketing strategy because it’s trending. You’re in business to be the leader in your industry, so the last thing you should want to do is follow the pack. In fact, we’ll help you formulate marketing strategies that will have other companies following you en masse.

Stop copying your competitors and thought leaders

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If your goal isn't to be the leader of your industry, then why are you in business?

What’s the name of that professional athlete that everyone considers to be the most average player of all time? Your subconscious probably started sorting through hundreds or thosands of names. The only conversation you care about is the BEST player of all time. Michael Jordan. Tom Brady. Tiger Woods. Wayne Gretzky. If you want to be everyone’s answer to “Who’s the best company in the industry?”, let’s talk, because why else practice business?

Stop being comfortable with where you rank

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Marketing Strategy FAQs

A marketing strategy can be a summarized and imaginative approach to satisfying all segments of customers, or a focused and calculated approach to satisfying a single segment of customers. Either way, the result of all strategies should be growth in awareness, revenue, market share, and or company size.

Other firms want you to build strategies around your opinions, favors, and what everyone else is doing. You should always start with customer insight, and from there identify your short-term and long-term strategic roadmap for communicating with and acquiring/retaining customers, with firm pitstops to evaluate, fine-tune, and deploy.

I just got off the phone with Gordon Gekko, and while he believes the stock market is always open, he confirmed that the NYSE opens for trading at 9:30am EST.  WAIT—Why are you sharing this information on a marketing page? Schedule a call with our SEO Expert to find out!