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Marketing is War: Win the Battle for Your Customers

The secret to winning more market share and taking over your industry?  Choosing the ONE path to success that generates the most awareness, revenue, customers, and everything else—Marketing Warfare!  The time is NOW to take the offensive while your competition practices “positive thinking”.

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Earn Your Stripes. Become a 5-Star Marketing General.

Growth Marketing

Your priority is to grow the real numbers: Awareness, Revenue, Market Share, and Size

Force Multipliers

You need leaders that increase your productivity, effectiveness, and revenue


Analyze competitive intel from the battlefield—your customers’ mind.

Offensive Warfare

Don’t be responsive like your competition, be proactive and keep them on defense!


Gone are the days when strategies and tactics are designed on the top floor.

What Today's 5-Star Marketing Generals are Saying:

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A new age and unparalleled marketing bible for our equally unparalleled times. This eBook blocks out all of the noise pollution found across social media, podcasts, and other channels.  Download and read this today!
Greg Schoff, Senior Sales Manager at PepsiCo
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It seems like we’ve all been slowly and carefully sold the idea that competition is unhealthy. But honestly, without competition, we’d all be the same. The message of the Marketing Warfare mentality was delivered to me like a punch in the mouth. Our firm is refocused on what makes us different, and we’re doubling down on being more strategic about how we communicate those differentiators. We all need the occasional nudge out of our comfort zone, and this eBook was more like a swift kick in the pants. A nudge is good, but a kick is more effective… and it’s led to more precise action. We’re learning to apply a more scientific approach to our marketing, and this is allowing us to measure results better than ever. It’s also helping us grab market share with less effort.

Jeff McPherson, Founder of IM Wealth
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Of course you need to understand your customers to grow your business. But, as Kyle Börner so eloquently explains in his eBook, your business MUST be customer- and competition-centric in order to survive and thrive in a COVID (and post-COVID) world. It’s a concept that makes sense to most business owners, in theory. But breaking down and understanding the elements at play here takes a deeper dive. Kyle gives it to you in this book. Read it, and you’ll feel empowered and informed so that you can take the next steps.
Diana Mitchell, Strategic Digital Marketing Consultant at Peoplemover
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Author Spotlight

You know me as the guy who beats the drum for differentiation. Now I’m sharing an eBook with you that clearly communicates WHY businesses choose to differentiate their brand and marketing—to win the marketing war!  After all, what is the goal of business?  It’s to win and retain more customers than the competition.

Kyle Börner

Owner, Cofounder, Chief Creative Marketer and Strategist
White Buffalo Creative

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