Differentiation is a long word, but its path to success is short.

Start by solving these differentiation problems:

1. Too many people ask "What do you do?"
2. Your company is not growing exponentially
3. Your employees are not excited about your vision

You need to convey meaning to differentiate your brand.

You’re in a competitive industry. Some of your competitors are afraid to stand out, while others are trying to be everything to everyone. If you ask them, they all want to be different. But at the end of the day, your customers step back and see a field of brown buffalo. This causes the dreaded “customer confusion”. It also creates opportunity for you to be the white buffalo that attracts new customers, retains loyal customers, and establishes the single idea you always wanted at the forefront of all customers’ minds. All you have to do is differentiate your brand, thereby making your company, product line, and people more meaningful. Do you want to stand out from the herd?

Stop forcing meaning onto your audience
a lightbulb representing brand differentiation

What are the 3 stages of differentiation?

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White Buffalo Calf

New to differentiation? The number of companies that are differentiating themselves in your marketplace is few and far between. Start your brand’s journey with one of the select few differentiation firms in the world. The world is your oyster.
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White Buffalo

Marketing has become an enigma in your marketplace. It’s not exciting anymore. Copycats continue to follow. The results aren’t transparent. Let’s rattle the cage with differentiation and bring you out in the open where you belong.
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Alpha White Buffalo

What’s the goal of business? You’re right, profit maximization and long term survival. But how do you plan to consistently increase market demand without differentiation? Apple called it the Halo Effect. You’ll call it the White Buffalo Effect.

Your need for new customers demands differentiated marketing.

Your customers have the most product choices. And since we do business in a connected world, those choices are growing daily. That means one thing. Your customers are exposed to the most marketing ever. Picture the field of brown buffalo, again. Now imagine the brown buffalo growing in number, changing positions, migrating and evolving. You need to communicate your difference and differentiate your communication, because marketing is what wins customers. White buffalo can’t over communicate their difference. They can only expose the lack of sameness amongst the brown buffalo. Do you want to stand out from the herd?
Stop using low response rate marketing templates
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photo of people representing a differentiated organization

You need to differentiate your organization to lead your industry.

Your competitors are trying to differentiate. We see and hear it everyday. “Highest Quality.” “Best Value.” “Most Innovative.” Did you yawn? We did. Several competitors within your industry think they’re different but they’re saying the same thing, while others understand differentiation but fail to execute because they don’t believe they’re different. Sound familiar? Brown buffalo cannot change the color of their fur to white, nor can your competition harness what makes your business different. Opportunity is calling. You can differentiate everything, and that’s why you’re here today. Differentiation is a process. One can not differentiate overnight. So let’s get started by differentiating your organization so you not only attract customers, but you attract talent.

Stop feeling comfortable with your market position

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Differentiation FAQs

Differentiation should be the first step on any company’s marketing roadmap. What makes you different? Most firms step over this critical question and hyper concentrate on tactics, but if your unique difference or set of distinctions is not clear and present in your communication, your efforts will fall on its face. Differentiation is also about knowing what is unique about your product, brand, and everything else in the mind of your customer so you’ll be more effective at positioning yourself in comparison to your competition.

Why does someone have more peace of mind purchasing an Apple computer over a Dell computer? It’s more expensive, it has less memory and a smaller screen, and it has less applications for your occupation. This is the role of branding. You purchase the Apple for several reasons, not limited to your reputation, your desire to be perceived as innovative, your fandom for Steve Jobs, among other reasons. Your subconscious has dozens, if not thousands, of associations and feelings assigned to today’s brands, and this more than the product itself influences purchasing behavior.

Well, if you ask John Rambo, it has a lot to do with whether or not you are welcomed or shunned by the public upon your return from service overseas. WAIT—Why are you sharing this information on a differentiation page? Schedule a call with our SEO Expert to find out!