There's no better time than now to make advances in market share.

Start by solving these differentiation problems:

1. Having a hard time demonstrating leadership
2. Marketing roadmaps are too short, too often changed
3. Too much linenar, non-exciting growth

You have to clearly, dynamically demonstrate leadership inside and out.

You have to make a simple and powerful presentation. We’re not just talking about your brand, product, and company. We’re also talking about you! In today’s world of too much noise, brands are leveraging “icons” to move the needle—to attract new customers, and to motivate and attract personnel. Discovering and communicating your differentiatiors is the first step. Educating and reinforcing why your differentiators are also competitive advantages is the second step.

Stop waiting and hoping for a marketing miracle.

company achieving leadership through differentiation

What are the 3 stages of differentiation for an SME?

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New to differentiation? The number of celebrities that are differentiating themselves in your marketplace is few and far between. Start your brand’s journey with one of the select few differentiation firms in the world. The world is your oyster.
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Marketing has become an enigma to celebrities. It’s not exciting anymore. Copycats continue to follow. The results aren’t transparent. Let’s rattle the cage with differentiation and bring you out in the open where you belong.
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What’s the goal of popularity? You’re right, fanbase maximization and a long term following. But how do you plan to consistently increase followers without differentiation? Apple called it the Halo Effect. You’ll call it the White Buffalo Effect.

Most marketing roadmaps are built on sand. You need a blueprint and a surveyor.

The worst 7 words a marketing team can hear is, “let’s go back to the drawing board.” 7 is a lucky number, so let’s inspire your marketing team with “here’s our five year marketing strategy blueprint.” One that delivers your team peace of mind that you’re invested in your differentiators, your customers, and your staff. It also communicates that the probability of success is far greater and supported by data, specialists, competitive analysis, and more common marketing building blocks.

Stop reinventing your marketing wheel.

marketing leadership roadmap for an SME
SME marketing director reviewing KPIs

Avoid "just enough". Stay focused on the right details for exponential growth.

Good isn’t great. That was our approach for an SME when we helped their stagnat lead generation grow by 5X in one year. How did we do it? We broke the traditions that were built and sustained over a ten year period. The desire for exponential growth requires the demand to think and act in a drastically different way than before. Let’s rattle the market’s cage and break out your brand’s potential. Aspiring to be like Apple, Tesla, and Amazon isn’t a pipedream—it’s a reality rooted in a differentiation strategy.

Stop confusing growth with industry average numbers.

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Differentiation FAQs

Differentiation should be the first step on any celebrity’s marketing roadmap. What makes you different? Most celebrity marketing firm’s step over this critical question and hyper concentrate on tactics, but if your unique difference or set of distinctions is not clear and present in your communication, your efforts will fall on its face. Differentiation is also about knowing what is unique about your product, brand, and everything else in the mind of your customer so you’ll be more effective at positioning yourself in comparison to your competition.

Small to medium sized enterprises are commonly categorized as a company with less than five hundred employees, less than fifty million in annual revenue, and less specialists when compared to their enterprise level competitors. SMEs can be regional or national businesses, and while some use this categorization as a stepping stone to become an enterprise, most stay in the SME category intentionally or due to the inability to scale.

Well, if you ask John Rambo, it has a lot to do with whether or not you are welcomed or shunned by the public upon your return from service overseas. WAIT—Why are you sharing this information on a differentiation page? Schedule a call with our SEO Expert to find out!